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Invasion of Mexico and five other takeaways from the GOP debate

First, it's blatantly corporateVivek Ramaswamy. former UN ambassadorNicki Haley,Senator.Tim Scottand government.Doug Burgum. After a quick look, Governor said.Ron DeSantis. finally the former Vice PresidentMike Pence

All but two of the eight Republican presidential candidates on the debate stage last night raised their hands and pledged their support for the former presidentDonald Trump"As Your Party's Choice"even if he was found guilty. former governorChris ChristieAndAsa HutchinsonNO.

The former president faces four charges, including attempting to unlawfully overthrow himPresident BidenAfter his victory, a month-long election campaign culminated in hundreds of his supporters looting the Capitol and disrupting the peaceful transfer of power.


It was just one of the big moments in the Fox News-moderated debate that Trump left out.Demolition derby in debateWho will win zero people who think voters know more from in-depth interviews with individual candidates?

Here are five more.

DeSantis sends US troops to Mexico on "day one".

will Martha McCallum be co-host, DeSantis asked,Support for the use of the US special forcesCross the southern border and beat out the cartels that make fentanyl, a synthetic opioid believed to be the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 49.

"Yes," he answered confidently. "I'll do that on the first day."

"Would I use violence? Would I treat them like a foreign terrorist organization? You're right, I would," he continued.

This is an act of war without Mexico's consentWith its southern neighbor and largest trading partner, the United States relies on cooperation to stop undocumented immigrants.


during an interviewFox NewsSean Hannity, DeSantis made it clear that he was right:

"When I talk about using the military to fight drug cartels for killing tens of thousands of our citizens, we have every right to do so."I will do it. I don't want to go into the office and say forget it" He said.

(„Daily 202“ hat getaggtThis question initiates our debate.)

Attack Trump? let me do the math

Hailey hatFirst direct criticism of Trump that evening: "Donald Trump has increased our debt by $8 trillion!"

Unsurprisingly, however, the most sustained attack came from Christie, who repeatedly blamed the former president.

“Someone has to stop normalizing this behavior. OK? Well, whether you believe the criminal charges are right or wrong, that kind of behavior is within the purview of the President of the United States," the former New Jersey governor said. Audience.


"It's a great thing for this country," he said. "Bab was allowed, but that doesn't change the facts. It doesn't change the facts.”

Defending Tribal Trump

Ramaswamy had the debate, we'll get into more detail on him later in the columnHis most trivial defense of Trump- In reply to Christy.

"If the people of the country want a bunch of people to blindly bang on Donald Trump without having a single vision of the country, they can switch to MSNBC right away," Ramaswamy said. But I'm not running for President of MSNBC. " "I'm running for President of the United States."

Or apply for positions in the Trump administration. But here it is: criticism of Trump, reduced to the expertise of the opposing cable broadcaster.

Things Desantis will not answer

We'll let the Republican primary choose who had a good night or a bad night. But the candidate, once Trump's worst rival, has tried to circumvent or even undermine an issue on several occasions.


First, a "show of hands" question: Do you think human activities are causing climate change?

DeSantis chimed in, "Listen, we're not schoolboys. Let's have a debate.” He lowered his hands but didn't answer the question directly.

What advice do you have for advocates who see a national ban on abortion as a political loser?

DeSantis attacked the Democrats and did not answer questions.

Will You Sign A Statewide Abortion Ban Six Weeks After You Sign In Florida?

“Wisconsin will do it differently than Texas. I know Iowa and New Hampshire will do things differently. But I will support the cause of life as governor and as president," he said.

There was no direct reaction to the six-week ban.


Ramaswamy, who sounds like a double-speed right-wing TED talk, has drawn almost as much criticism as Biden - with Christie deriding him as "the same amateur guy" as the ex-presidentBarack ObamaHe said it "sounds like Chat GPT".


But this entrepreneurIn the days leading up to the debate, actively try to be the protagonist- show that 9/11 was insider work,falsely denied that he said it, fluidCut aid to Israel, imagine a dayIf America Cannot Stop China's Attack on Taiwan

On Wednesday he was the only one to say he would freeze aid to Ukraine, said he would pardon Trump and unsuccessfully encouraged a non-binding pence to do so, calling climate change a "hoax" and at odds with Christie and Haley gotSeems to be trying to steal the spotlight in general

Whether that works or not is up to the Republican primary voters.

political, but not political

what happens next

Trump expected to turn himself in at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia

former presidentDonald TrumpHe is expected to surrender and be released from the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta on Thursdayin connection with his efforts to reverse the 2020 Georgia election defeat,"Ben Brasch, Amy Gardner, Amy B Wang and Mariana Alfaro shared


Follow the post The live coverage of the day can be found here

Prigorzhin's apparent death gives Putin a boost; the future of the Wagner group is in doubt

"The alleged death of a high-ranking leader of the Russian Wagner group not only raises deep doubts about the future of the mercenaries,Wagner's brief uprising in June made President Vladimir Putin look weak and paralyzed, which also bolstered his strength.Reporting by Robyn Dixon, Catherine Belton, Mary Ilyushina and Francesca Ebel

US extends Chinese chip export exemptions for Taiwanese and South Korean chipmakers

“The United States has decided to extend the exemption by one yearEnable South Korean and Taiwanese chipmakers to continue to introduce advanced semiconductor technology and related equipment to ChinaNikkeis Rintaro Toda Reporter

  • "The move is understood to potentially undermine US efforts to rein in China's tech ambitions.However, it is also expected to prevent widespread disruption to the global semiconductor supply chain”。

Midday votes from the Washington Post

The shortage of teachers is even more serious. Here you can see how the school is run.

"Researchpublished on WednesdayShows teacher shortages are worse in several states but not an anomaly caused by the pandemic. instead,This appears to be part of a worrying trend: more and more teachers are leaving the classroom, and there are not enough graduates to replace themMoriah Balingit narrates this


  • final memberThe Kansas State University education professor teamed up with two colleagues last year to collect data on the state's teacher shortage. They counted more than 36,500 job openings in 37 states and Washington, D.C. for the 2021-2022 school year.On Wednesday, she released her latest figures, noting that teacher shortages for this group rose 35 percent to more than 49,000 vacancies”。

What do we know about the crashed Russian plane, whose passengers included Prigozhin?

"Passenger listcontain Yevgeny PrigoschinThe leader of the Russian Wagner mercenary group that led a brief but dramatic uprising against the Kremlin earlier this year.It was not immediately clear whether Prigozhin was on the planeReporting by Andrew Jeong, Bryan Pietsch and Adela Suliman

  • “Video circulated on social mediaTo knowThe wreckage of the plane was on fire, spewing black smoke.The remains of all ten people on board were foundAccording to the Russian news agency Interfax. "

voice of the subsequent debate

  • GOP rivals clash in heated debate without Trump
  • Trump dominates the Republican race. In debates, his opponents mostly avoided him.
  • Trump is banking on finding strength in allegations, not debates
  • There could be more political violence in the US, says Trump in the Carlson interview

…and further

"Dangerous" decline: Fed discusses rate hike rate

“Annual inflation has fallen to around 3% from over 9% in 2022, fueling hope that the US will avoid a recession. But while the outlook is better than many economists expect,[Fed Chair Jerome H. Powell] and other Fed policymakers are not yet ready to conclude that prices will continue to fallpoliticallyVictoria Guidah reports


  • "Going down a mountain is often more dangerous than going up," he said.Diane SwankChief Economist at KPMG and a regular attendee of exclusive Fed meetings. "It's full of holes and they don't want to trip over them."

The far right has criticized LGBTQ symbols for years, prompting killings with the Pride flag

The proliferation of decades-old symbols of unity and equality is undoubtedly part of what happened on Friday.California business owner shot deadAllegedly for putting up a Pride flag in his store,got a big shockand the grief of LGBTQ advocates, politicians and celebrities from across the country,”NBC NewsMatt Lavitts reports

  • "But as the Pride flag went mainstream, the symbol (introduced at the 1978 San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade)Increasingly vilified by conservative media and right-wing internet personalities”。


White House ahead of schedule identifies top 10 drugs for Medicare negotiations

The Biden administration is expected to announce the first ten prescription drugs for Medicare price negotiations early next weekAhead of Tuesday's White House event to celebrate this milestone, four people involved in the program told Politico: "politicallyReporting by David Lim and Adam Cancryn

Biden's immigration policy, which grants temporary resident status to thousands of people, is being challenged in court

“The Biden administration's policy of allowing thousands of people from Latin America and the Caribbean to live and work temporarily in the United States isA group of Republican states filed a lawsuit in court Thursday challenging the legality of the law.NBC NewsThat's what Daniela Silva said

  • The Humanitarian Parole Program, announced in January, allows up to 30,000 people from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela to enter the United States each month "on urgent humanitarian grounds or significant public interest," depending on circumstances.According to the Biden administrationUnder the program, immigrants can stay in the United States for up to two years and must go through an online application process, have a financial sponsor, and undergo background and security checks”。

Biden's foreign investment incentives benefit factories

The lucrative new tax breaks and other advanced manufacturing stimulus signed into law by President Biden appear to be transforming foreign direct investment into the US economy, according to a White House analysis.A much larger share of spending in new and expanded firms shifted to manufacturingTheNew York TimesReporting by Jim Tanksley

  • "This is shown by data from the first months after the adoption of both agenda items."The inflation-adjusted key target for foreign investment falls slightly in 2021-22”。

Last night's debate visualized

“Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy is not the front runner for the Republican nomination.But in the first Republican debate on Wednesday evening, he was targeted by more experienced politiciansReporting by Nick Mourtoupalas, Hanna Zakharenko and Hannah Dormido

hot on the left

The South Carolina Supreme Court upholds the strict ban on abortion

Wednesday, South Carolina Supreme Courta new law was passedmost bancancelabout six weeks later, this step canshake againabortion in the southeast of the country”,Rachel Rubin reports

  • The 4:1 decision is oneA reversal from January, when the court ruled by a 3-2 vote that a similar law violated the country's constitutional right to privacy.The opinion was written by the state's only female judge, who is now retired due to the court's age restrictions.The legislature replaced her with a male judge, creating South Carolinathe only country in the countryhas an all-male Supreme Court of the state”。

hot on the right

Some MAGA fans believe the pro-Trump rally outside the Atlanta jail was an FBI deal

"After delving into conspiracy theories about the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol,Some supporters of former President Donald Trump are concerned that Trump is promoting a rally outside the Fulton County Jail in Georgia ahead of his inauguration.expected surrenderIinterference in state electionsis the attitude of the FBINBC NewsRyan J. Reilly Reporter for

  • “On Truth Social and X (Elon Musk's platform, formerly known as Twitter),Conservative users fear undercover police officers and anti-fascist activists are behind demonstrations, and plans to use it as a "trap" to arrest Trump supporters. "

Today in Washington

Biden at Lake Tahoe. Nothing in his public schedule.

last but not least

The funniest picture of the evening

Washington DC visitors and Washington DC

– Washington Probs (@WashProbs)24. August 2023

Thank you for reading. See you in the morning.


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