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TThere was so much ado about Sally Rooney's work, so much fervor and possibly artificial division. "The cult aroundSally Rooneysays a headline. Why do so many people hate Sally Rooney? ask someone else It cannot be about the quality of his sentences, which are impeccable, nor his tone, which is thoughtful, often sweet, and always stern. This is prose that you either understand or you don't; for some it is succinct, for others banal. Which makes me wonder if it's clean enough to reflect readers' prejudices towards them.

Rooney is certainly interested in precision: her first two novels manage to be sexually correct without being lewd, and that's an interesting trick. In its denial of shame, the style represents a kind of progress, and it may be this autonomy that irritates theoretical critics, who are male theorists and misogynist theorists. Also, and this really bothers some, Rooney writes about love.

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If “romance” is a key insult here, “millennial” is another. Differences of opinion, true or not, are presented as generational, and the conversation turns partly to what should and shouldn't be taken seriously. In his first two books, Rooney meticulously wrote about encounters that are generally considered fleeting and therefore rather silly: an affair and a first love. The intensities of experience, described so coldly, are greater than the socially useful as society was once constructed. For the generation represented in these books, however, these constructions are no longer sustainable: young people are reaping the ruin that their ancestors sowed. (Jane AustenThe heroines didn't worry about the apocalypse; perhaps that's why they couldn't stop lovingly hating the slave trade.)

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"Won't we be unhappy babies when the world ends?" In Rooney's third novelbeautiful world where you are, Alice and Eileen are best friends who are about to turn 30 and agree that human civilization is collapsing, beauty is dead, art is a commodity and romance is a form irrelevant. These shrewd Irish Marxists are best friends from college and have lives a little like Rooney's in very different ways. Alice is an incredibly successful young writer and Eileen works for a literary magazine and makes $20,000 a year. The book mixes their separate love stories with the long emails they exchange, in which they have a lot to talk about and share.

"We're in the last lit room before dark," says Alice, because "there's no chance for the planet, nor for us." And though Eileen agrees, she finds comfort in the ordinary. "Maybe we were born to love and care for the people we meet," she replies. "Actually, it's why I encourage us to survive because we're so stupid with each other." Alice will be stupid with Felix, a possibly shady guy she met on Tinder, and Eileen will be stupid with Simon, the boyfriend from her youth, who is handsome, unapproachably moral, and above all Catholic, can be incredibly stupid.

Fans of Rooney's earlier works will appreciate the pain and uncertainty of her characters' coming of age, their emotionally difficult journey, and their brilliance at showing the barriers we put up between ourselves and the love of others. the last third ofbeautiful world where you are, when all four characters meet and connect, it's a tour de force. The dialogue never fails and the prose burns the page. However, it takes time for these people to be in the same room, and this move towards intimacy is deliberately delayed by Rooney's descriptive prose, which slowly warms up.

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We start the novel without knowing anything, even the author doesn't seem to know anything about these people. Actions are described with microscopic precision, expressions are difficult to read. People don't go online, they "tap on a social media app icon" and it takes several sentences for their screens to load. One of the bravery sections in the first part of the book describes to great effect Alice's day promoting her book (or 'being famous') in Rome, while her boyfriend Felix is ​​roaming the city on his phone. One person's life, another's life; According to these sentences, no one is valued more than the other. Slowly this sense of distance takes on an erotic charge; People speak softly on the phone, screens are filled with possibilities, words are emotional.

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"For no apparent reason, he turned off the turn signal and continued straight ahead" - That's a bit like reading lateDelillo, until the characters have sex, at which point it's like reading Rooney at her best, with her distinctive choreography of looking and breathing and pinpointing exactly what goes where.

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After these obscure sexual interactions, emails between Alice and Eileen arrive in a flurry of chatter. Women write about the social collapse and how their simple lives of consumption are made possible by the misery of millions. They are also interested in personal kindness; in Jesus as characters; in the relationship of beauty and sympathy; in the use of fiction and in the emptiness of fame. Alice is curious and disappointed, Eileen more hopeful and restless at the same time. His answer to the existential threat is not to speak of nihilism, but of empathy, morality and love.

Both women suffered a loss of consciousness. Eileen, who is recovering from a breakup, has long stopped writing moments in her diary: "The world felt flat to me like an information catalogue." Alice just landed a major book deal at 25 and just out of psychiatric treatment. For her, fame meant a radical loss of personality. He became something he wanted to be and now greatly despises; Meeting versions of herself online makes her feel like she's already dead.

But women continue to work on it, and their new sexual relationships begin in connection. Recently Eileen felt it again: "The closeness, the possibility of beauty, like a light that shines softly from behind the visible world." Alice recalls feeling as she was writing a novel, "as if God had placed his hand on my head and filled me with the most intense desire I have ever felt...the desire to create something that has never been previously existed."

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After that, there are no more emails and the prose begins. When people come together at a family wedding, one spirit gives way to another, stories unfold, similes emerge, even metaphors! The final section of the novel is all generosity; Personal details just pop up, real conversations happen, insights abound. The reader will greet all of this with a shout of thanks, although some will wonder why it has taken so long.

How do you follow two critically acclaimed novels? Rooney solved the problem of success by writing about the problem of success. It's never clear how to deal with writer Alice, who feels cut off from her origins by "an abyss of sophistication". She can be cold and intimidating, while her disregard for her finances might just be an annoyance to the people who love her and don't have a penny in her name. Alice hates "the literary production system" which tells writers they are special and distances them from everyday life. According to her, novels don't care about the general scheme of things, and their reader (she only mentions one) is online and weird. I wish Eileen would back off further, but the friends' shared worldview makes it difficult to achieve proper dialectics here. Meanwhile, "You never tire of giving me awards, do you?" Alice is writing, and I'm beginning to think Rooney is pulling on our chain. When a fiction writer thinks that writers' opinions shouldn't matter, the real writer eats his cake and eats it, or sets up the paradoxes that so amuse his character.

The exposure of fame, especially sudden fame like Rooney's, is deeply shocking. Like all trauma, it robs our lives of meaning, at least for a while. Then there's always the hope that a writer can return to the difficulty and joy of his work, that the world hasn't robbed him of the very thing we celebrate him for. It's wonderful to see this comeback happening on the site in front of you. Alice's conclusions are essentially religious. For the reader, nurturing a fictional character is a way to "practice the kind of selfless love that Jesus calls us to." For the writer, a novel is an inescapable blessing. We should all rejoice that they and their Creator found a way.

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What is the message of normal people by Sally Rooney? ›

Regardless, at the heart of Rooney's novel is the message that people can change each other for the better. Connell may not start as such, but he grows into someone worthy of Marianne, and Marianne in turn grows to understand her own worth.

What is the review of Sally Rooney's new book? ›

Her unembellished prose is rich in conversations that are at once plaintive and wry, soul-baring and deflective. In addition, there are Rooney's now-famous sex scenes, among the most lushly moving you'll find in contemporary literary fiction.

Do Eileen and Simon end up together? ›

And then, in the last 20 pages (spoiler alert!), it's all neatly resolved. While staying at Alice's country home, Simon and Eileen have yet another heart-to-heart, and finally settle down together after decades of pining.

Why do people like Sally Rooney so much? ›

One ready explanation is that Rooney's novels flatter the kind of reader already likely to be attracted to her work. They do this in one straightforward way by being sentimental fantasies of requited erotic love whose characters achieve their aims despite comparably little effort and much glamorous emotional anguish.

What are the problems in Normal People? ›

Marianne is impacted by bullying, an abusive older brother and a negligent mother, experiences that effect her various romantic relationships. The male lead, Connell, played by Mescal, struggles with anxiety and depression throughout the series.

What is the lesson in Normal People? ›

If “Normal People” seeks to impart a lesson to its audience, it is this: Always forgive people who never change. The aforementioned cycle of Connell's indecisiveness affecting the vulnerable Marianne spirals on for close to a decade.

Does Sally Rooney not use quotes? ›

If you're familiar with Sally Rooney's books (or likely if you've just heard of her), you probably also know she doesn't use quotation marks in her work. It's a seemingly polarizing choice with both five-star and one-star reviews citing the lack of dialogue punctuation as their reason.

Why are there no quotation marks in Sally Rooney books? ›

Fans of Sally Rooney will be accustomed to the lack of speech marks in her work. When asked about this in an interview, Rooney said “I can't remember ever really using quotation marks. I didn't see any need for them, and I don't understand the function they perform in a novel.”

What does Sally Rooney write about? ›

Sally Rooney, (born February 20, 1991, Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland), Irish novelist whose writing highlights issues of class inequality, intimacy, art, and politics.

How old is Eileen in the book Eileen? ›

The story concerns an unhappy 24-year-old woman named Eileen who works as a secretary at a prison, and what happens to her during a bitter Massachusetts winter in 1964.

Do Felix and Alice get together? ›

The next morning, she goes to Mass with him (because Simon is devoutly Catholic). In Rome, Felix says to Alice that he knows she's in love with him. They later have a heart-to-heart where they each admit bad things they've done in the past, and Felix tells Alice that he likes her. They sleep together.

What is the last line of normal people? ›

You should go, she says. I'll always be here. You know that. These lines, narrated from Marianne's perspective in the last chapter, are the final lines of the novel.

Why do people like Normal People? ›

They have a sexual and intellectual chemistry that stalks their on-off-but-always-together narrative. They feel intense frustration at how much they care about what the other thinks.

What is the best Sally Rooney book to start? ›

If you want to get to Sally Rooney's roots, the best place to start is her essay "Even if you beat me," published in the Spring 2015 issue of the Dublin Review, which chronicles her university debating career.

What is the Sally Rooney effect? ›

The Sally Rooney effect: How an author's creations influence everything from baby names to fashion trends to college choices. Just over two years ago, Lenny Abrahamson's adaptation of Sally Rooney's best-selling novel Normal People beamed into our living rooms and became an instant hit.

Was Normal People a success? ›

Daisy Edgar-Jones has reacted to the huge success of BBC Three's BAFTA-winning miniseries Normal People, admitting she had no idea it would be such a hit. The series, based on Sally Rooney's bestselling novel of the same name follows characters Marianne (Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal).

Does Marianne have autism? ›

She's neurodivergent – specifically, she is autistic with ADHD. In Obsessive, Intrusive, Magical Thinking, Eloise invites us with her on a deep-dive into her life, interests and fears, all through the lens of her neurodivergent mind.

Who is the villain in Normal People? ›

Jamie in #NormalPeople is such an obnoxious boor! He's obviously envious of Marianne and Connell's connection but he seems to be such a bad match for Marianne!

Is there a happy ending in Normal People? ›

The ending of 'Normal People' is ambiguous

Marianne and Connell have multiple breakups and partners throughout the series. However, by the last episode, the two are back together and have realized they are in love with each other and should pursue the relationship more seriously.

What does the ending of Normal People mean? ›

By the end of the show, Marianne and Connell overcome all the problems in the relationship, but Connell gets an offer for an MFA program in New York. This makes the couple reflect upon their relationship and their possible future.

Is Normal People a toxic relationship? ›

The book left me confused and shaken by witnessing the brokenness of Marianne as she continued to forgive and crave an emotionally draining and problematic relationship with Connell. But more than that, this book is an excellent example of how toxic relationships are often romanticised in books and on TV.

Why do normal people not use quotes? ›

Rooney's indulgency to not use any quotation marks is an expression of intimacy and trust with the reader. It has no breaks. She knows that you're surrounded in her world and will not lose thought. You know it is Connell's voice in self apathy.

Why does beautiful world where are you not have quotation marks? ›

They are really not needed. With her characters ( there are never too many in any conversation) you always know whose speaking. Not having speech marks brings the dialogue into a kind of immediacy.

What is unread messages by Sally Rooney about? ›

It follows a young woman named Eileen Lydon as she navigates her interpersonal relationships with friends and lovers in the age of social media. The story explores themes like long-term relationships, interpreting the lives of others, and the influence of social media on daily life.

What is the main purpose of the quotation marks in the poem? ›

QUOTATIONS MARKS ( “ ” ) - the quotation mark is used to separate the part of a verse that is directly spoken by a persona in the poem or quote attributed to another source and presented word for word.

Which famous author said those who don't read books are missing like rewards? ›

“Book readers are special people, and they will always turn to books as the ultimate pleasure. Those who do not read are the unfortunate ones. There's nothing wrong with them; but they are missing out on one of life's compensations and rewards. A great book is a friend that never lets you down.

Is Sally Rooney a Marxist? ›

She studied English at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), where she was elected a scholar in 2011. She started (but did not complete) a master's degree in politics there, completing a degree in American literature instead, and graduated with an MA in 2013. Rooney has described herself as a Marxist.

What is Sally Rooney's style of writing? ›

She expends no apparent effort to be luminous or “literary.” She doesn't go to great lengths to flaunt her erudition or intelligence. In fact, for long stretches of her first novel, Rooney's prose seems to aim for a flat, muted affect, avoiding flights of lyricism or theatricalized emotion like the plague.

What is the plot of beautiful world where are you? ›

It centers around four people—Alice, Felix, Eileen and Simon—living their mundane millennial lives in Ireland, with friendship and relationships intertwined. Set in the backdrop of Brexit/Trump Era, the novel is about connections between human beings and all the messiness of living and loving in the 21st century.

How many words is Normal People? ›

by Sally Rooney
(about 291 pages) 72,712 total words 31st PERCENTILE of all the books in our library45.86% vividness 48th PERCENTILE of all the books in our library
3.76% all adverbs 92nd PERCENTILE of all the books in our library1.40% ly-adverbs 86th PERCENTILE of all the books in our library

Is Eileen being made into a movie? ›

Eileen is a 2023 American period psychological thriller film directed by William Oldroyd and starring Anne Hathaway and Thomasin McKenzie. It is based on the 2015 novel of the same name by Ottessa Moshfegh and adapted into a screenplay by Moshfegh with her husband Luke Goebel.

What animal was Eileen? ›

Eileen is an intelligent but shy mole who is Margaret's best friend and works at the coffee shop with her. Eileen has a crush on Rigby, but he's usually clueless about it.

What happens at the end of the novel Eileen? ›

Instead of fulfilling her role as femme fatale and destroying Eileen, Rebecca sets her free. In the end, Rebecca is nothing more than a flat character that allows Eileen to finally grow into herself—or a version of the self she will later become.

Is Felix Ever after a love triangle? ›

There is a love triangle, the romantic resolution of which is a major aspect of the novel, but the most noteworthy aspect of Felix Ever After is the journey of self-love and self-acceptance the main character travels.

What are the key themes of beautiful world where are you? ›

Beautiful World's themes include romance, friendship, precarity, and social class. The title comes from a poem by Friedrich Schiller which Franz Schubert set to music in 1819. The novel includes substantial epistolary elements, such as emails between Kelleher and Lydon.

What happens to Alice and Felix? ›

In Rome, Felix says to Alice that he knows she's in love with him. They later have a heart-to-heart where they each admit bad things they've done in the past, and Felix tells Alice that he likes her. They sleep together.

Why does Connell not touch Marianne? ›

Connell's confusion and insecurity in secondary school leads him to keep his relationship with Marianne a secret because she's a loner his friends consider unusual and ugly. In the book, Connell never interacts with her at school. He never makes eye contact. He barely acknowledges her existence.

Was Marianne abused in Normal People? ›

In between, Marianne finds herself in abusive relationships. Her now-deceased father physically abused her, and her brother carries on the tradition when she's at home. Her mother allows it and says Marianne is weak. In dating relationships, Marianne urges men to dominate her, beat her and do whatever else they want.

Why do they break up in Normal People? ›

In their first first year of college, Marianne and Connell maintain a friends-with-benefits situation but ultimately break things off when Connell loses his job and has to go home for the summer. He's too ashamed to ask to stay with her, so their relationship crumbles.

Does Marianne have an eating disorder? ›

Marianne's resultant loss of appetite and disinterest in nourishing herself indicates that she is developing an eating disorder. In the midst of Marianne's abuse, Lorraine surfaces as a figure of emotional support though she is not present enough to bear witness to it, or to intervene.

Do Normal People show over? ›

One of the big shows of that time was Normal People, the Hulu limited series based on the best-selling novel by Sally Rooney. While the show ends where the book does, fans still want a second season, and apparently so does its star Paul Mescal.

Did Marianne and Connell love each other? ›

Connell ends up getting accepted into a creative writing program in New York, and the true proof that Connell and Marianne love one another unconditionally lies in the gut-wrenching decision the two make together that he'll go to New York and she'll stay in Dublin.

How many pages is Sally Rooney's new book? ›

368 pages

Is Normal People based on the book by Sally Rooney? ›

That's what I thought when I started watching the Hulu series Normal People (now available on CBC Gem), based on the 2018 novel by Sally Rooney about a contemporary love affair between two Irish students.

What is the message of Normal People by Sally Rooney? ›

Regardless, at the heart of Rooney's novel is the message that people can change each other for the better. Connell may not start as such, but he grows into someone worthy of Marianne, and Marianne in turn grows to understand her own worth.

Why should I read Sally Rooney? ›

And no form perhaps better explores relationships than the novel. This is Rooney's specialty: her flair for the very specifically millennial psychological realism that has made her famous. She is able to examine with a practiced hand the disillusion that we all seem to feel, without ever alienating her characters.

What is the meaning of Normal People? ›

adjective. A normal person has no serious physical or mental health problems.

What is the conclusion of Normal People? ›

'Normal People' Ending Explained

He confronts Marianne's family, his abusive brother in particular, and warns him to never come near Marianne again. Connell takes Marianne home and she spends Christmas time with Connell's family and friends. He finally hugs him warmly in front of the world. A blissful moment indeed.

What mental illness does Marianne have in Normal People? ›

Mental health

For instance, Connell has panic attacks and is prone to anxiety. His condition aggravates when he learns that someone he once considered close to him has passed away. Marianne, on the other hand, has issues of self-esteem.

Why is Marianne's brother abusive? ›

Nick Davies explains how Alan's need to target his sister is a reflection of how his abusive father hurt his mother.

Why was Normal People so successful? ›

That's not to say Rooney's writing is not brilliantly well observed, with a Joan Didion-like air of coolness and detachment; the simplicity of her prose and her ability to communicate a universal experience is of course what made her book so popular.

What is the climax of Normal People? ›

It's that the on-off/will-they-won't-they narrative just goes on and on, through four years of the two young people's lives, and then it stops. There is no rising action. There is no real climax. There is no ending.

How and why does Marianne become ill? ›

Marianne's illness is a product both of excessive romantic sensibility and of a sequence of physically plausible reactions. On the one hand, her illness begins as a "nervous illness" induced by Willoughby's rejection and her disappointed romantic hopes and dreams.

Who does Marianne fall in love with? ›

The seventeen-year-old second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dashwood. Marianne's spontaneity, excessive sensibility, and romantic idealism lead her to fall in love with the debaucherous John Willoughby, though he painfully spurns her, causing her to finally recognize her misjudgment of him.

Do Connell and Marianne end up together in the book? ›

At the end of the book, Connell lands a place on Cornell University's Master's programme in New York just after making things official with Marianne, breaking the news to her he has to leave for at least a year, whilst she is set on staying in Ireland.

How did Marianne get hurt in Normal People? ›

When Marianne says she doesn't care what people think, he throws a glass at her feet, shattering it. Worse: Denise can see this from her room and chooses not to get involved. Marianne tries to run from him, and when he forces open the door she's trying to close it hits her in the face, breaking her nose.

Do Marianne and Connell get married? ›

So they are together, they are happily married, and they have like 42 children, all of whom are incredibly bright." Daisy Edgar-Jones, who took on the role of Marianne, agreed, though she was also keen to point out that Marianne and Connell had already pushed and supported one another in invaluable ways, regardless.


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