Head of Franz Kafka: technical marvel in the heart of Prague – RELAXED TRAVEL (2023)

Head of Franz Kafka: technical marvel in the heart of Prague – RELAXED TRAVEL (1)

The Franz Kafka Head Statue is an open-air sculptural and engineering marvel depicting Bohemian-German writer Franz Kafka near Narodni Trida in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a must-see when exploring the capital of the Czech Republic.

A moving statue of Franz Kafka in Prague's city center is a great example of modern art in the Czech capital. The statue was also recently installed, so if you have an out-of-date Prague travel guide, you won't find it there.

Franz Kafka, a famous writer, was born in the Old Town of Prague in 1883 and is considered one of the most important and influential authors of the 20th century.

The world famous author of novels like The Castle, Trial, America or the novel The Metamorphosis is also one of our absolute favorite authors and we love his books and find them brilliant if not easy to read.

His work is truly unique, and if you haven't read anything by this author yet, bring his book with you.Try itaccompany you on your trip to Prague to make your experience even more authentic.

In Prague you will find more houses and sculptures related to the writer and you can also visit the Franz Kafka Museum dedicated to his life and work.

We were quite surprised when the new Franz Kafka sculpture opened in the city center and we knew from the start that this work of art would be a little different than what one would normally expect from a statue in the historic part of Prague. . .

Therefore, we are not too surprised that this attraction is on every traveler's bucket list.Prague Itineraryand lists offree activities in prague.

Head of Franz Kafka: technical marvel in the heart of Prague – RELAXED TRAVEL (2)


The statue is very modern, it is made of steel and above all it moves, turns and changes!

Forty-two layers and built-in motors ensure that the statue constantly rotates, pausing only for a brief moment before moving again.

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When it comes to modern art in Prague, due to UNESCO, you won't find many contemporary buildings or architectural objects wandering around the city, at least not in the historic center or anywhere near the area.

Yes, you can visit the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, and you'll probably visit the famous Dancing House, but to be honest, in the heart of Prague you won't have many opportunities to see attractions that aren't several centuries old. .

However, in 2014, a prolific Czech artist, David Cerny, created a giant statue of Bohemian-German writer Franz Kafka to commemorate this wonderful literary author. It has a bright, smart, shiny design and we have to admit, it's pretty cool.

Franz Kafka's head is one of themMain sights of Pragueand a perfect example of how a contemporary piece of art allied with a modern shopping mall and a few cafes can transform a dark and gloomy place into a must-visit in Prague.

In the small square right in front of the Quadrio Shopping Centre, there are two cafes where you can sit and enjoy the process of deconstructing and reconstructing your head.

From time to time, the impressive show stops and Franz Kafka's head can be seen in its final form.


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Some like to stop and take a few pictures or selfies, others stay longer and enjoy the process over and over again.

If you are a technician you will have a lot of fun as the mechanism is quite fascinating, so the statue may not just be a small stop on your city tour (don't forget to visit Técnico Nacional). Museum in Letna, if you have the technique).

Even those of us who have seen the statue change form many times, like to go back every now and then to re-enjoy the transformation process. It is a truly mesmerizing and relaxing experience.

What we liked most about the statue is that one doesn't have to be an art lover to appreciate and understand this work of art.

Especially if you are familiar with Kafka's work, you will understand even better why he does what he does.

The statue is also very different from others we've seen in Europe and we think it's well worth a visit. Plus, it's public art so anyone can see it, there's no entry fee, making it a perfect place to visit Prague for budget-conscious travelers.

While in the area, be sure to stop by and enjoy this place, especially if it's yours.for the first time in Prague.

Head of Franz Kafka: technical marvel in the heart of Prague – RELAXED TRAVEL (3)


The incredible moving sculpture of Kafka Head is easily accessible by public transport, both metro and tram.

You can find it on the corner of Charvatova and Vladislavova streets, right behind the new Quadrio shopping center.

To get there by tram, take tram number 22 and get off at the Narodni Trida stop.

You can also reach the site byuse subway(Yellow Line B), and if you choose this option, get off at the Narodni Trida stop of the same name.

The escalators take you back to the surface and you exit the mall opposite the mall, just a few steps away from the statue.

The statue is within walking distance (10 minutes) from other main Prague attractions such as the National Theater or Wenceslas Squareold town ring.

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Head of Franz Kafka: technical marvel in the heart of Prague – RELAXED TRAVEL (4)


Franz Kafka Head is located in one of the best areas of Prague, making staying nearby the perfect option for all travellers.

The three hotels we chose are all very nice and the location near the Narodni Trida metro and tram station is very convenient.

Take a look at our picks for the best hotels in Prague near the head of Franz Kafka.

Budget|Elite-Hotel- A beautiful, historic baroque house houses a quiet budget hotel with nice, clean rooms, comfortable beds, and helpful staff. Hard to beat for the price and location.

intermediate area|Hotel Jungmann- The perfect choice for all travelers who want to stay in the city center close to the main attractions and shopping centers at a reasonable price.

Lux|Grande Hotel Miguel Angel- The Michelangelo Grand Hotel is a luxurious five-star hotel in a great location and is perfect for those who enjoy elegant rooms with beautiful furniture, excellent cleanliness and attentive staff. From the hotel you have easy access to the tram and metro, as well as other attractions in the city.

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Accommodation: When looking for accommodation, we usually look for hotelsBooking.comÖHostelwelt.

trips: While we love to travel independently, some places are better to visit with a guided tour.

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