Luxury 10 Days Morocco Tour and Sahara Desert - 2023/2024 (2023)

exist10 days luxury itineraryto Morocco. exploreMarrakech, go throughEssaouira, through the Atlas Coast and Agadir, then through several Berber villages into the Sahara, experiencekameltrekkingIn the dunes of Merzouga. Learn about Berber culture, lose yourself in the imperial cities of Fez and Rabat, and end the tour in Marrakech.

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  • Explore Marrakech
  • Discover Essaouira
  • Explore the beach of Agadir and Tagazout
  • Nieder Castle and Ait Ben Haddou
  • Camel ride in the Sahara
  • Overnight in a desert camp
  • Enjoy a road trip to Fes
  • Explore the imperial city of Fes
  • Walk with the people through the narrow streets of Chefchaouen
  • Return to Marrakech via Rabat and Casablanca


Day 1 - Explore Marrakech

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Bahia Palace in Marrakech

Welcome to Morocco! Start your 10 days Morocco tour in Marrakech. After meeting your guide, explore Marrakech, nicknamed the "Red City" for its red walls. Stroll through the most famous square in Morocco,Jama Square. Continue to the old medina, stroll through the narrow streets and enjoy the small traditional local markets.

back toKoutoubia-MoskinThe mosque was founded in 1147 by Muhammad Caliph Abd al-Mummin. It is an important example of Almohad architecture and Moroccan mosque architecture. The minaret is 77 meters high. switch from here toBadi-PalastBahiaAndBahia, AndSaadian Tombs. The rest of the day is at leisure. back toJama SquareEnjoy the sunset with mint tea at a local restaurant.

Day 2 – Marrakech to Essaouira

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After breakfast at your riad, set off to your first destination of the tour. On the way to Essaouira you will see argan groves, where Morocco's liquid gold (argan oil) is produced. Keep your eyes open! You may have the chance to see goats climbing argan trees.

when you arrive. You can spend the rest of the day doing your own thing. AccessPort of Scala,Or sample seafood and ride a camel. At the end of the day, you can't miss the panoramic sunset on the beach. Overnight in a local riad.

Day 3 - Experience Agadir.

Today you will continue your luxury journey to Agadir and admire the panorama and atmosphere of Agadir along the Atlas Coast. Before your visit, take a stroll to Agadir Beachbazaar belongs(Sunday market) is a traditional market.

One of the historical places of Agadir isAgadir Ufra,Located in the ancient city of Agadir. The earthquake in 1960 damaged a large part of the castle. The fortress is located on a hill more than 236 meters from the sea, north of Agadir, near the current port. Then drive to Taghazout to watch the sunset at a local restaurant.

Tag 4 Taroudant, Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate.

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Ait Ben Haddou

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We leave the western part of the country towards the southeast and leave early in the morningTaroudantIn a Berber village, visit a local market made up of 100% Berbers. go throughTaznacht,From here you can access Ait Ben Haddou (UNESCO World Heritage Site), a group of adobe buildings surrounded by high walls, a traditional pre-Saharan habitat. You will have free time to explore the whole area and take beautiful photos. Lunch will be there. Continue overnight in Ouarzazate.

Day 5 - Todra Gorge and Sahara Film Atlas Study

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Luxurious desert camp

Ouarzazate is the gateway to the Moroccan desert. After breakfast returnFilm Atlas ResearchFor a short visit. Download your favorite movies filmed there. Take a short drive to Todra and leave the mighty Atlas Mountains behind. You will notice a change in atmosphere becoming the Sahara desert. Admire the palm groves of the Deira Valley on this perfect tour. From here you reach the Todra Gorge, use your free time to hike under the 300m high cliffs and do your own creative things.

As you continue your luxury tour to the Sahara Desert of Merzouga via Tingidad and Erfoud, famous for their fossils, you will have exclusive access to local workshops where you will learn how fossils are turned into jewelry.

Your journey continues to Erg Chebbi, where you'll swap your luxury 4x4 for a personal camel. Experience a unique safari on a camel ride through the desert with an experienced camel guide. He will give you some hints. Enjoy the best dunes and beautiful sunset views. Go glamping on the way to the campsite. A delicious dinner will be served to you. Listen to Saharan music with participants, and sleep in a tent on departure.

Day 6 – Ziz Valley, Azrou and Fes

Luxury 10 Days Morocco Tour and Sahara Desert - 2023/2024 (6)


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Get up early to watch the sunrise from your luxurious desert camp and put your sandboarding skills to the test. You will then return to camp for breakfast and a quick shower. Ride camels back to the 4×4 circuit. Your Morocco trip takes you to other popular travel destinations from the south to the north of Morocco.

Transfer to Fez via Rissani, visit the market on the wayziz drops,Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of Mount Ziz, the second largest palm grove in Morocco. Continue through fragrant cedar forests to the Middle Atlas Mountains. Lunch will be taken in Midelt. When you reach the Azrou cedar forest, you will have free time to relax and take nice photos with the Barbary macaques. Drive to Ifrane, a small Moroccan town known as Little Switzerland.

Drive straight to the imperial city of Fes. Overnight in one of the best hotels in Fes.

Day 7 - Explore the Fez Empire

Luxury 10 Days Morocco Tour and Sahara Desert - 2023/2024 (7)


The city of Fes is the oldest of the four imperial cities of Morocco; it could be an example of a Moroccan city worth exploring. Meet a local guide for a half-day tour to explore the entire city, starting with Morocco's oldest medina, built over 1,000 years ago. Stroll through the souks, a city made up of two parts:bali-inselAndFez Jadid. Talaa Kebira ('big slope') is one of the longest and most important streets in Fes, Bali. Next, visit the stunning Al Attarine Madrasa, a madrasa (school) in Fez, Morocco, near the Al Qarawiyyin Mosque. It was built by the Malinid Sultan Osman II Abu Saeed (1310-1331).

Leave the old town in the direction of the new town and visit the town of El Mellah. Enjoy the wonderful view.

Day 8 – Experience the blue city of Chefchaouen

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Today we have news about Blue City. The departure date starts earlier and passes through the mountains of Ouazin and Rif before Chefchaouen. You have the option to hike at AKchour (Akchour Waterfall) for two to three hours. Various cities in Morocco have picturesque architecture. Chefchaouen has endless winding blue narrow streets, enjoy itGet out of the hammamMeet local contacts while enjoying a meal at a restaurant.

Thebig mosqueStill worth a visit, even non-Muslims are not allowed in. Climb to the city's rooftops and enjoy panoramic views of the outskirts of Chefchaouen. Or, if you are a photo enthusiast, you can take unforgettable photos along the narrow blue streets. Return to your riad.

Day 9 Rabat and Casablanca

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Continue your luxury vacation with a trip to the historic capital of Rabat. SeekUdias-Burg.gohassan tower,The unfinished minaret. Explore medieval fortificationsChera-FriedhofIn the heart of Rabat, discover its Roman and Islamic ruins.

Short drive On the way to Casablanca, visit the Hassan II Mosque, the second largest mosque in Africa (father of the current King Mohammed VI). It is located on the Atlas Coast and offers panoramic views. If you're lucky, you'll discover something different about Casablanca.

Day 10: From Casablanca to Marrakech

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Depends on your flight time. You will be taken to Marrakech. This concludes your 10 days luxury trip to Morocco.

July 2023


Is it worth going to the Sahara desert in Morocco? ›

The Sahara Desert is the largest hot desert in the world and is a bucket-list destination for many. The idea of spending a night in a camp under millions of stars and climbing sand dunes to watch the sunset is definitely an attractive one.

What is the best month to visit the Sahara desert? ›

The best times to visit the Sahara Desert are the months of May and October, when temperatures are milder. During the winter (December and January), freezing temperatures that are hard to sleep through are often recorded, while sandstorms are alarmingly frequent between January and May.

Where is the best place in Morocco to see the Sahara desert? ›

Arguably the best place to see the Sahara is Morocco - specifically Marrakesh. Marrakesh is a location like none other, and is the gateway to the grand Sahara Desert - just like it has been for thousands of years. Marrakesh was an important oasis trading city trading all the way south across the Sahara in Sub-Sahara.

How many days do you need to tour Morocco? ›

Two weeks is a generous amount of time in a country as compact as Morocco, and a grand tour of its offerings is more than possible. Explore the imperial cities of Rabat, Meknes, Fes, and Casablanca. Venture into the desert for a few days exploring kasbahs, caravan routes, and the Saharan dunes.

How do I choose a desert tour in Morocco? ›

This is mostly a budget question. If you have the money, I definitely recommend a private tour. This gives you flexibility in the itinerary, more stops and better food options along the way. But, if you travel alone and you want to be around more people, then a group trip is probably a better fit for you.

Which Morocco desert is best? ›

  • Amassakoul. Deserts.
  • Morocco Travel Explorer. City Tours • Multi-day Tours. Open now.
  • Au Pays Du Sahara. Deserts.
  • Agafay Desert. Deserts.
  • Les Cavaliers d'Essaouira. Deserts • Forests. Open now.
  • Agafay Desert. Deserts.
  • The Erg Chebbi Dunes of Merzouga. Deserts. Open now.
  • Agafay Desert. Deserts. Open now.

What do you wear in the Sahara desert Morocco? ›

Appropriate Clothing

Pack comfortable and lightweight clothing as temperatures here are hot especially when traveling during summer or to the desert in Morocco. Shirts that cover your shoulders and do not have a low neckline or show cleavage are recommended. Think long tunic tops or shirts with ¾ length sleeves.

Which country is the best to visit Sahara Desert? ›

The most popular, accessible place from which to reach the edge of the desert is in Morocco. You can drive from Marrakech to Merzouga or M'Hamid in a day to see the Moroccan Sahara.

Which city in Morocco is closest to Sahara Desert? ›

The following are some of the closest cities:
  • Erfoud: This small town is located in the eastern part of Morocco, near the border with Algeria. ...
  • Merzouga: This village is located in the southeastern part of Morocco and is situated right on the edge of the Erg Chebbi dunes, one of the largest sand dunes in the Sahara.

What is the best month to travel to Morocco? ›

The best time to visit Morocco is in autumn and spring. However, as the country has a diverse geographical landscape, each season has its beauty. In April, May, and September to November, the weather is pleasantly warm across the high grounds of the Atlas Mountains.

How much money do you need for a week in Morocco? ›

Depending on what you plan to do, you should probably aim to take around £40-£50 per person per day (£280-£300 per week) in Morocco. You can always head to the ATM if you need more cash for extra activities, plus most places accept credit cards.

What is the best way to tour Morocco? ›

Renting a car can be a great way to explore Morocco's remote regions. If you want to get off the beaten path and explore Morocco at your own pace, you can rent everything from a compact Fiat to a 4WD, which is useful for navigating the Atlas Mountains and desert roads.

Is it worth visiting the Sahara desert? ›

The beauty and serenity of the desert are unparalleled, and once you have a clear view of the sun sinking on the horizon and enjoy all it has to offer, you will never forget it. The best time of the year to visit Erg Chebbi is between March and May or between September and November.

Why visit the Sahara desert in Morocco? ›

If you are going to Morocco, visiting the Sahara Desert should be at the top of your bucket list. The tranquillity and infinite beauty of the rose gold Morocco sand dunes is like nothing else on earth.

Should I go to Sahara Desert? ›

The unique magic of a trek in the Sahara Desert is made even more memorable by the treasures to be found within them. Delve into this out-of-this-world landscape to discover ancient cultures, dramatic desert environments, and get lost in some of the starriest skies you'll ever see.

Do tourists visit the Sahara desert? ›

The Sahara can be visited year round, except for the summer months of July and August when it gets way too hot. Expect temperatures of around 40 to 55 degrees Celsius in summer. Temperatures drop below freezing at night during the Saharan winter (and especially in December and January).


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