The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (2023)

Shiny Pokemon: They should surprise and mystify you when you see them. After all, they're incredibly rare, taking a regular Pokemon and giving it a completely different look. However, some of these different looks should never have left the drawing board.

In fact, Generation IX has a ton of great Shinies, so the few that are bad are almost beyond repair, and you won't know whether to be excited or disgusted when you encounter these Pokemon on your journey through the Paldea- encounter region.

Here are the 12 worst Shiny Pokemon inscarlet pokemonjTo let.

The 12 Worst Shiny Pokémon inscarlet pokemonjTo let

12) wardrobe

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (1)

wow, do you have a shiny armarouge? This is very sick. Well, how does it look? Huh, we really can't tell the difference. Ah, her eyes are blue, huh, is that it?

Yes, more or less. Armarouge's luminous form simply changes her eye color with her Ceruledge counterpart. If that's what you're aiming for, why not change the entire color scheme right away? A purple Armarouge would make an attractive Shiny, not to mention a yellow-orange Ceruledge, and lift this incredible Pokemon even higher than it already was.

The only thing that speaks for this Shiny is that the change in eye color goes very well with the rest of Armarouge's colors. It's just the missed opportunities that put Armarouge at number 12 on this list.

11) Rabeska

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (2)

Rellor, Rabsca's pre-development, had a brilliant Shiny concept. He took the ball of crap he loved more than his life and turned it to gold, essentially impersonating it as Rellor saw it.

For Rabsca's Shiny, the insect takes on the golden color that once encased the orb of dung, while the orb, now imbued with psychic power, remains the same. This leaves a very stark contrast between Rabsca and his ball that just isn't pretty to look at. With that in mind, we think this is one of the more forgiving shiny designs on this list.

10) Graznido

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (3)

What saved Squawkabilly from being a very memorable bird-type Pokémon is the fantastic quiff it wore on its head, which would make Elvis Presley proud. However, we're not really sure about the little hair coloring work that went into Shiny.

Squawkabilly's shiny form dyes the black crest on his head light pink. This isn't an incredibly terrible choice, but it certainly doesn't work in Squawkabilly's favor.

9) Maushold

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (4)

While everyone complains that next-gen Pokemon designs are too weird, Maushold's basic design is a refreshing reminder of Gen I's simplicity alongside Gen IX's signature weirdness. However, they could have tried a little harder with the Shiny version of this mouse family.

If you don't look closely, you might not even notice that the regular mouse hold has a little gray "clothing" that it wears, either as a shirt or pants. In the Shiny version, this gray outfit turns brown but barely noticeable.

Another case of a shiny where you can't even tell the difference. Why not make Maushold's base color gray or black and his clothes white? That would even make sense since rats come with dark fur.

8) Paldean bulls

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (5)

And here it is for the umpteenth timePokémonfranchise, another shiny you need to check out before you figure out what's different from the original. Game Freak doesn't seem to be stopping this trend anytime soon, so we'd better get used to it now.

Pale bulls turn gray only slightly, and only in a small spot on top of their mane.

It's not that Shiny is hard to look at because the colors hurt the eyes. It's just a super lazy design choice and in some ways worse than an ugly shiny. At least try the latter.

7) Crescent

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (6)

Salamence's former Paradox form is probably one of the most impressive and coolest skins we've seen in a long time. Why would anyone pick that up and flip it over to look like a clown? It's beyond us. Unfortunately, Roaring Moon's Shiny does just that.

Like the other two previous forms of Paradox on this list, Roaring Moon takes on these sneaky colors instead of the incredible blue and black coloring she sported in her normal form. You can make a quirky but admirable shine without making it obnoxious, but many of these earlier forms of Paradox, such as Roaring Moon, seem to miss the point on this front.

6) Scovillano

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (7)

When they became the franchise's first Grass and Fire-type Pokemon, a design flaw wasn't bad enough, they moved on and also gave Scovillain a much disappointing Shiny.

What was the point of just changing the colors of the torso and legs? And that wasn't very well done either; The muted yellow and blue looks a little odd when combined with the rest of the colors of the design.

Mainly, why not just change the colors of the heads? It seemed like a very obvious change from the Shiny version that could have given Scovillain some redemption design-wise, but no. Apparently this Pokemon is just a bug.

5) Jagdstein

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (8)

This undead dog usually has an elegant design and color scheme. The only way to easily get a good Shiny for Houndstone is to choose something drastically different, but your real Shiny is looking for a subtle change and doesn't make a good impression.

The Houndstone's coat changes from a ghostly white to a dull golden hue that looks underwhelming, with the coat darkening slightly at the roots. Houndstone usually nailed the "ugly-cute" aesthetic pretty well, but unfortunately the ugly part has diminished a lot more than the cute part on this Shiny.

4) Anyway

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (9)

Quaxly and also Quaquaval was the least popular launch option among the three in the Paldea region. Quaquaval got a chance to act on the Quaxly line, but its regular design certainly wasn't the best it could be. To add insult to injury, his shiny is even more disappointing.

Quaquaval's shiny form has the same colors as its normal form, just a lot less prominent. Game Freak really dropped the saturation and called it a day. Quaquaval requiredsomeRedemption after successive setbacks from a design point of view along its line of development, but unfortunately this wonderful duck seems doomed to mediocrity.

3) Big Dam

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (10)

The purpose of the ancient form of the Donphan paradox is to see this magnificent beast and bask in its glory. It's big, it's awesome, and it'll leave you in awe. At least the regular version of Great Tusk. The Shiny version, on the other hand, is a different story.

Everything gets ugly. The menacing gray covering most of Great Tusk's body takes on an ugly shade of green while all of the spiky structures on his body turn a pale yellow, and the two components have a truly bizarre contrast to one another that almost makes our eyes bleed apart from the fact that there are also quite questionable options individually. A real disservice to this magnificent animal.

2) Jewish Juba

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (11)

Replacing the dark green that covered most of the flutter mane with this lighter, more mischievous green was far from a good idea. And then there are the eponymous Flutter Mane Mane Tips. While yellow-orange is a beautiful color, it contrasts terribly with pale reds and questionable greens.

In fact, Game Freak said, "We're going to take Flutter Mane's intimidating yet attractive color scheme and replace it with the most hideous colors ever." No, we don't think embarrassing colors resemble things we'd rather not name. make a good shiny. He's one of the worst shinies, but there's still a more despicable shiny than this one.

1) Graphics

The Worst Shiny New Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (12)

We've never had a Pokemon Sim sim before, so we didn't know what to expect from one. But then we got Grafaiai, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Aye-ayes aren't the prettiest of animals, and Grafaiai illustrated that well while keeping the design cool and cohesive. The same does not apply to the Shiny version of Grafaiai.

It really looks like the colors were randomly chosen and sprinkled on different parts of Grafaiai's body because they don't make any sense and just don't go well together. Grafaaiai's face is this super light shade of lavender that fades right into a muddy, shocking shade of green for the ears that looks very out of place, especially with the various splashes of purple and red splashing all over her body.

We can't imagine anyone finding this Shiny and getting upset just because of its ugly appearance and because there are over a hundred Shiny Pokémon that look really cool. For all these reasons, Grafaiai takes the top spot on our list.

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